Can this flyer been approved?

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The color combination doesn’t work so well. Also that deep blue is unprintable because that color is out of gamut.

I assume all images are not included so 3 images is a bit to much for buyer to replace. Better you can do some custom design for background instead using an image.

The images that you use are low-res or low-quality. Speaker’s image looks cheap. My advice for you is to buy some high quality images in order to increase the preview image value. Working with free images doesn’t look neat.

I like the title font but it doesn’t work so well with secondary font. Also that effect on title doesn’t help.

Overall is too flat. Add some light effects in order to integrate all elements together.

suppose if i buy images from some paid site can i use that image for multiple flyers and projects.

Yes you can use for preview the same images on multiple items

For lifetime with one month subscription.

Depends on the website. Check the usage conditions first. Check Photo Dune.


woooowwww sorry to tell u just this but the new version is a “eye-killer” … bbbbblllll pls stick to the first one … LOL the new guy does not inspire the theme in addition, if u ask me … man, when @DesignSomething told u about color combination , the main thing that u had to actually consider is working in cmyk colors … this is the basis. I think that one of the major issues that u have with the first flyer - which is still better than the second one for everything in my view , which means a lot lol - this is that items look disconnected from each other in a general way and that they look pasted right next to each other rather than composed … though this is not a fatality … u can work on this … do u realize that the guy has no shadow behind, , nothing to make a transition between the front and background? and that the blue is no where to be found on the guy? I tell u what, from where i sit on of your problem is for u to follow the torn paper thing that AAAAALLL people do today! get rid of it, this is not bringing anything to the table - i mean u can still keep it , but u have to arrange things completely differently … - start with flagging and aligning everything on the left … having a centered header and all the rest going on the left makes no sense at all whatsoever … decrease the size of the bit feather and pu it on the side way . U can either keep the text inside if u can align all properly or take out the text from there , this is up to u … get rid of the right side feather or put it somewhere else and align the text on the left with the rest. Melt the cityscape more smoothly in the back with a proper printable blue (and u may mix the new background with clouds) and if i were u i would get rid of the torn paper and replace it for lookalike clouds. The dove, i am not sure this is a good idea to keep it … this looks more religious than any other thing and u have to decide if your thing is more about meditation or religion and what is for sure about the bird this is that people cannot buy it … this looks in no way realistic

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Wow! Star Wars.

When I said light effects I didn’t mean light sabers :slight_smile:
and that guy looks like a young padawan.
Yes @n2n44 has perfectly right, stick to the first one.

… and may the force be with you

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I think that bad colors, typography, etc… your design is too basic.

C Now


Much, much better. Now the model is well integrated with the background. You can place one or two clouds on top over that wave to create more depth. Move the details on the footer a little bit up because the website is to close to the margin. Delete the Facebook logo because it is not allowed to use it. You can say NOW LIVE. For the main title try something else then blue.

I like it you are close.


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LOOOOOL u killed me my friend lol

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this is starting to look good and coherent buddy :slight_smile: but the green colors arrrgghhh!!! horrible , man! lol

i guess my advice was not so bad lol :slight_smile:

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Looks good. I know that you like the effect with the clouds over the frame but that cloud in the top right corner is too obvious. Use just one cloud. Delete that one in the corner and do the other one near hands a little bit bigger. Change that red box in Live Now (sound much better in English). Move the red button to the right and place it at the same distance to margin like in the left side. Do another 2 color variations. And that’s it!

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