Can the theme respect Yoast Primary Category

We have Yoast SEO installed on our site, which allows you to choose a “Primary Category”. My client was frustrated that when a post is in more than one category, only one category shows, and it often isn’t the primary category. Is there a way it could show the Primary Category instead of just the first category which seems to be what is happening at the moment? (I’m using the CheerUp theme).

Have you checked plugin configurations?

You can use the quick code [yoast-primary-category] to exhibit the predominant term in the taxonomy.

It turns out that the theme adds a “Primary Category” dropdown, and so does Yoast. Yoast’s is more obvious, so that’s the one the client had been updating, but the theme only checks its own Primary Category dropdown, which the client (and I) didn’t spot, so that was always set to “Auto Detect”. I can let the client know that, and perhaps add some JS to make the two boxes always agree, or hide Yoast’s option.