Can the preview be replaced

I want to change the font preview. how can I change the preview? My preview looks ugly and doesn’t attract buyers


Assuming you are talking about your Item preview image. You can change the preview image by updating your item mean submit a update of your item and item with updated preview image, item reviewer will approve the update and your new preview image will be display.


when changing the preview will there be a review of my items?

yes, each update requires update approval. Thanks

now I am hesitant to replace it. I’m afraid my items will be removed in the marketplace.



I can’t see anything as you think. If your item got approved then you are open to update your Item when you would like but just will need update approval.


hi i recommend u not to do , as u are running a real risk that the item is finally hard rejected … this happened to a good deal of people … so u have to think twice as u mentioned, quite frankly, as for me i would not dare a thing like this , now this is up to anyone to choose

Hi @NicoMuslib,

Are you talking about the font preview images that appear in the “Test drive this font” box? If so, those images are automatically generated and cached for one day. It is not possible for you to provide replacement images (as it’s a test drive facility – users can type in the box and the result is rendered in realtime).

If you want to discuss in more detail, please open an Author help ticket at


thank you, maybe the best way is to make a new preview and spread it through social media.

rather, just previewing the image.
but “Test drive this font” doesn’t display my ligature font.
maybe GR should improve the “Test drive this font” for a better impression for consumers

@NicoMuslib which font are you referring to? I tested all three of your published fonts, and for all three the test-drive functionality renders font images which appear to match your preview screenshots.

I’m happy to poke around here and reply as time permits, but again if you’d like support then please open a support ticket at the link above so we can properly track this issue for you.