Can´t update kallyas/wordpress theme automatically

Hi Guys
So, this is the error message received when trying to connect to through the Kallyas dashboard;
“It seems that your server cannot connect to Hogash Servers. Some features like demo data import will not work. In order to resolve this, please contact your server administrator and ask them to allow connections to the theme servers.”

Here it states that it is “Hogash Servers”. We would very much appreciate your support in finding out what the issue is as we are trying to figure this out with our host too so that we can solve the issue of getting the theme updates without doing a backup first and manual updates.

What ports and name of the server is the theme trying to connect?
What could be the issue with the theme not connecting to the “Hogash Servers/Envato servers”
Can it have something to do with the API key? Or that we have bought two themes and something went wrong with the registration of the theme/API keys?

We would be very grateful for your help in this matter =)

Did you tried to contact hogash team?

is better to ask them about this issue,

From what i know they will help you verry fast.