Can’t login!!!

I can log on to the Kafkaesque Envato security system with another account. I am a webmaster and have an assignment from a customer who lives in another country. He give his user/pass to download and updated a theme. Affter waiting almost 1 hour waiting for 3 codes to be able to enter since they change it every time… Now after have installed the Soledad theme that was purchased by the client who has the Bakery Visual Composer plugin with extended license, when I try to register the license it is impossible to enter again into his Envato account. Now Envato don’t ask me for any code, now ask me to reset my password… pufff!!! I’m fed up with Envato and its way of working… I run other projects that use Themes or plugins that are sold in Envato. From now on I will try to buy or advise a theme or plugin in another market or directly with the developer… I can’t spend all day with Envato. This is Kafkaesque.I’m sick of Envato.

Sharing account information is not recommended and that’s is why I imagine you are having some security issues. It’s always best to have the client purchase and register the item and then send you the files to work with.

Please open a ticket with the Envato Help and Support if you’re still having troubles logging into your account. But they may not be able to help you if you are using another user’s account login.


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I understand what you’re saying, but the WPBakery Page Builder license to register takes me to the customer’s Envato account. What do I do? Shall I call the client at 1:00 a. m.? Today he was out all day and couldn’t send me anything, so he gave me his account to download it myself. I’m sorry, but I’m really burned out. I understand security, it’s the first thing I look at when I create a website, but it should work differently.

I don’t have problems to enter to my account. I have problems to enter into the client account. Envato before asked me codes that customer sent me. He sent me last code at 9.p.m… now Envato ask reset the password. So if the client has time tomorrow will reset the password and register the plugin… for a project that had to be finished today and I’m working at 1 a.m. … Envato security system doesn’t help. I’m not gonna ask for any more help from any support. I quit.