Can someone tell me what this Audio Jungle track is?

Ask directly to author, @Madlistudio because there is no info about it.


@Madlistudio crediting the music is MANDATORY!! Please amend asap. Both on VH and Elements.

A veteran Elite author such as yourself should know better!


You can find it in the item page description on VH. It’s been there since 2017. Stylish Powerful Indie Rock by: OctoSound

I’m pretty sure this info wasn’t there on VH yesterday. You still have many items that do not credit the music on VH. This is unacceptable.

Moreover, music has to be credited on Elements as well. This is not optional. Not doing so breaches the agreement you have with the music author, and thus infringes on their copyrights. Please amend asap!


@Madlistudio it’s been 11 days, and nothing has changed on your account. Most of your items still do not credit the music. This is unacceptable.

@MotionRevolver, @KingDog, @BenLeong, can someone from staff explain to us music authors why Envato allows our music to be used without being properly credited as is stipulated in the terms? How can this pass review in the first place?


I’d love an answer too. What work is being done here? It’s been years. This doesn’t have to be a big deal, we just want proper attribution as was promised.

I would be happy to assist if needed, e.g. I can deliver a full spreadsheet of nearly all applicable video items on Elements.


A month has passed… and nothing has changed.

This author deliberately chose to ignore Envato’s rules and to do right by the music authors, and they did it with total impunity it seems. Staff chose not to enforce their own terms, and they don’t even bother to address this issue, at all.

@OctoSound are you okay with having your music used illegitimately by @Madlistudio? (You are not credited on Elements and you were not credited on VH for the past 4 years, until last month when this thread made them react).

Envato has not respected their end of the contract by allowing this to happen on a massive scale on Elements, and apparently on VH as well.

VH senior reviewer @MotionRevolver, and the usual visible staff @KingDog and @BenLeong refuse to give us an explanation as to what’s going on here. What a shame!!

Dude, all element item info page is taken from items on VH, I cannot edit it on Element since beginning. Did you check all my items already? Do you have items on Element? Most of items already given music link to author page item.

Yes, you can edit the description of your Elements items. You are supposed to, in order to properly credit the music. You may want to familiarize yourself with the rules of the platform.

Nope. Cannot edit on element page. Go check again. Now all items information does not appear anymore. Go ask envato about that.

Excuse me?! You are the one infringing on music authors’ rights and breaking Envato’s rule. If you’re having difficulties abiding to these rules, you need to ask them!

Well I did put all links to audio page on VH page. If element doesn’t appear it, maybe moderator can answer this.

You put the info in the box below that says “Text Description (optional)”.

Or, since links don’t appear, you just write the names in regular plain old text.

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Thank you. I did and it didn’t updating. Even plain text.

Got it

Awesome, thanks for updating. And spread the word to anyone else who might have trouble.