Can someone provide the top 3 WordPress plugin suggestions?

Hi all,
I am new to the WordPress world. I would like to explore building a kids education marketplace. Can someone provide the top 3 plugins for each of these items?

a) Need an LMS plugins (host and buy subscriptions class or on-demand class) There will be parents and providers. Parents can buy monthly subscriptions class or on-demand class

b) Need information on pre-paid credits WordPress plugin pre-paid credits to use and buy products WordPress plugin. Parents can buy some kind of credits and use that to contact providers

C) Need information on Contest WordPress plugin Contest or competitions (host an online recurring or one-time competitors like coding challenge )

d) Also what is the best way to host all these plugins in one URL

Thanks in advance.

The best answer to this is to think very very very carefully about if you want to invest in doing things properly.

Short of pointing you to LMS themes, and generic credits/contest (will almost certainly not be set up for coding challenges etc - which would take a dedicated tool/app) plugins then it’s pretty much impossible to answer because it’s just not that simple…

Simply by finding a hacked solution that relies on multiple plugins creates immediate concerns/considerations around:

  • compatibility between theme and different plugins
  • consistency in terms of front end visual and even more importantly back end data management
  • what happens when updates happen? This could easily then require/rely on changes from multiple different authors or sources.

More than anything - you will be handling super-sensitive data which will mean serious (financial, technical, maintenance) investment (on an ongoing basis) in proper hosting and security (not to mention legal protection), all of which is not made any easier with a mix of different solutions involved, and will further influence choice of theme/plugins

We’re not trying to dampen your enthusiasm - just make sure you have a realistic view of what is (done properly) a complex job.

If you want to do this then you will save yourself a great deal of time, stress and budget long term by investing in creating a custom solution for your purpose through a developer/agency who can support it, so that you don’t find yourself with an unusable website/platform after the first update.

Thank so much for the information. I will explore the LMS themes.

Also any suggestions on pre-paid credits WordPress plugin

Again it is impossible to suggest one without knowing the themes and other plugins - without that info, there’s no way of knowing what would be compatible.

There’s famous ones like WooCredits for a WooCommerce site but unless your LMS site uses WooCommerce then it won’t work and so on - this is exactly why a custom build is the better solution.

Same with the contexts plugin - integrating a 3rd party plugin like that to profiles created in an entirely separate LMS theme is going to almost certainly be a massive headache if even at all possible.