Can someone help me understand why my birthday card was rejected by Envato

I tried my best to create a great looking birthday card with 3 color schemes and arranged all the layers accordingly.

I also made sure that it is very easy to edit the text and also select a color-scheme.

But the template still got rejected.

I used free fonts and mentioned them in the help file and the description.

This is the link to the zip file with PSD etc.!ArJHgD_ehpS3goIUyKGujZhWwP9TVg

Ok, phew, you really need to display it here, but anyway, there are a few things.

First off, you don’t need to include two help files one is enough, and l usually include a Notepad file only in my ones.

Second don’t include the sample images in the final product, (they are probably for the display, but l thought that l should mention it).

And it is a good design, but the text heirachy is the main thing that let you down, (lack of centering, too many color and font changes, etc.

And Don’t lock up all of your files, l tried to change something and it would not budge, l then realized that l could remove the lock on the file.

Not necessary and it may p**s off the customer, some may even ask for a refund, as well as make it harder to get approved.

Good luck.


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