Can someone help me to know why reject my html template?

I do not know why I have been rejected two time,
I try again,
but there is rejection at all times.

I want help guys

My Template Link:

There are lots of problem in your item bro. Overall typographic hierarchy is not good. Some sections are overlapping in the first loading time. I will suggest you use a body preloader.

Hello @nurulhaque169

Don’t worry we are also facing same issue in our item…!!

Please follow below changes and the re-submit your product you will get positive result from envato review team…!!

  • Maintain Section space each page maintain same constenency

  • Follow typography hirechachy like h1 to h6 and also try to create some of global class for more typography variation.

  • Please avoid repeat images in block or section try to use different image for easily indetify your design.

  • Please try to more work in responsive because i have noticed some of structure are break in responsive manner… so you should try to more work in responsive.

  • If possible try to cross check your all pages hope you will also get any issue or notify from your self :blush:

Please let us know if you need more help bro… we will surely and happy to help you…!!

Wish you good luck for re-submit :blush:

many many thanks, bro

Thanks bro,
I will try

Your Welcome @nurulhaque169