can someone help me, my php scripts product was rejected again

my product was rejected for no apparent reason
url :
email :
password : 11223344

Can only see or on mobile but there’s definitely room for improvement in terms of attention to detail (cropped graphs, stretched images etc)

Also everything needs to be in English - without that there’s a good chance it will not be properly reviewed


As charlie4282 says firstly the site should ideally open with English Language. It’s only because I am viewing it on a desktop I happened to see I could change the language to English.

To be honest it’s a complete mix mash of languages even when you switch to English, and in:

Example in settings Persentase Pajak
Which I assume means the word Percentage

It’s all over the place - I have no idea as an observer what it is you are trying to accomplish so Envato probably rejected it for the same similar reasons.