Can someone help me find this template?

The following logo reveal was provided by my client and his previous vendor has quit animation industry, also unwilling to help. Now the client cant change his logo reveal because it is everywhere now as branding. I wish to take this ahead with him, can someone help me or guide me in getting this template. I so far feel Miko has similar templates but not the same. I need exactly the same.

It would really be a pleasure if someone can help at the earliest possible. Thanking you well in advance for it.

For your reference, I have attached the unlisted youtube video link in the topic

This problem has been resolved by Miko himself. I messaged him to see if he has made it, nice and humble person. Though he did not make it but yes, went beyond the call of duty and searched the internet for this template.

Someone who is looking for the template, it can be brought from here [link removed]

As a token of love and respect to Miko, you can visit his beautiful portfolio.
[link removed]