Can someone help me find this song?

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I recently heard a song on the radio but didnt catch enough lyrics to do a successful google search.
It’s a medium tempo synth pop / electro pop track with very distinct analog sounds and a female singer that sounds a lot (to me) like Bjoerk and has a distinct (I’d say popular atm accent). Something with ‘higher and higher’ in the chorus, but I’m not really sure. I would guess that the tune is from last year, rather new.
I loved those synth sounds and that’s what I concentrated on while listening, so I also dont remember enough melody to do a search by humming into that app.
Any ideas? Would be really great!! Thanks in advance,
Cheers from Berlin

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Damn, that matches the description almost exactly, if thats right… Damn son…

:open_mouth:Yes, Yes, Yes, damn, Synchrotron, you’re my hero!!!
thank you so much!!! :champagne:

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No problemo. Glad I could help :smile: