Can someone help me break down my project and explain why the project was rejected?

Good day everyone.

Twice I tried to put my work in the store. But unfortunately both times it was rejected. My demo is located at vue-example-app-test . Docs.

My application was created to send reminders to users through a bot in the telegram messenger. You can create boards and link users to them.

Does anyone have any ideas about the reasons for the rejection. I would be very grateful for tips. Perhaps the project simply does not have any value, I will be glad to any comments.


I haven’t checked the coding or anything else but even though if the code is perfect with the features, you will still have to have a nice/clean design to support the interface. If you don’t get them both, you will be rejected - as in this case, there’s no design…

There’s no proper design & interface. If the interface & design is vibrant then there’s no way any rejection.

Please update them all again and reupload again. It will be uploaded and will definitely work fine.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your advice. I will try to change the design.