Can someone clarify something for me ? [graphicriver]

Coming from the days where it took 20 days for a project to be reviewed, 4 days for a review should’t feel so bad. But it does. Now for the question… Why is the review time not frequent ? You would think a website with almost 6 million members would have more reviewers… no ? Just me ? ok…


Of all the things to worry about, I don’t think you’ve chosen the right one. :stuck_out_tongue: Review times seem generally to be 1 - 5 days. That means the site is operating well. It’s not a damn robot factory, we don’t need it to be exactly the same review time every single time. Lighten up. :smiley:

Hi @VectorMedia! There could be a whole bunch of reasons why review time is never consistent. Although I don’t know specific reasons, I would imagine (as a former GR reviewer myself from many moons ago) it’s a combination of reviewers not working over the weekend (which is good! everyone needs a break from work!) and in influx of items to the queue.

The best strategy I can advise for anyone who creates and sells microstock is, spend your time creating and uploading new content all the time, and don’t ever worry or waste your own time wondering about how long it takes your item to get reviewed.

That way, you use your time more productively and if you’ve got lots of items in the queue from submissions on multiple days, you’ll create your own situation where you’ll start getting items reviewed (and hopefully approved!) each and every day.

The following phrase springs to mind…

##“A watched pot never boils.” :thumbsup:


Yes, good advise Scott, but unless someone is pretty good at this, churning out several items and sending them in all at once, can waste time, if several items are experimental and all get canned?

But you are probably saying one at a time? :smirk:

And true we shouldn’t worry about it, but if a seasonal product is close to its use by date, and it might take a week to get accepted, then review times do need to be taken into account.

No point doing something a week before, if it gets accepted a day before the event?

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I think that’s a great point worth clarifying, @tmcom. If someone is a new user, they should definitely test the water to begin with and just upload one item and wait to see if it meets the criteria of the review team before submitting more content. If you’ve been submitting for a while however, the original advice applies. :thumbsup:


hi buddy, i personally , more than any other thing, that they need to hire a new person, but not for what u mentioned , as globally , this is ok review time it not overwhelming long in a general way , i think that would rather need this new person in town to get to explain all the people some of the things that they really fail to understand, especially rejection wise … . Now, i somehow someway do agree with , this looks strange to have so many big discrepancies between reviewing times. I can personally identity that there are some personal reasons for that, like some reviewers going to vacation or by christmas time there’s so much of a high number of submissions that i can understand that it takes a bit longer , now i also do agree with u this is not stable enough and sometimes hard to deal with for authors …

i do completely agrees ith what u said Scott, however, creating all the time as u mentioned , is something that a whole lot of unfortunately cannot do all the time all the same (people have to keep in mind that ti cook a good item , it takes time) and that’s how these issues become important … for the most of us, we are fortunate enough to have other things to deal with because , if we had to live only from what we earn here , a great deal of us would be starving this is that simple, this how, even if we want to dedicate some time to make envato and us earn money, we cannot do all the time and have to shift to priorities, the best money maker (even if this is less interesting) because that’s how we survive as designers … This is also a pity in the meanwhile to end up thinking that the strategy that a few handful of guys is using is definite ly efficient, that is to say to overflow the market with rather flat or even worse items (i don’t know how they can get these items approved by the way , but they do) and that the whole system is supporting doing this way as nowadays rhythm and quantity sometimes/ often prevail over quality

i agree with u and i disagree with u at the same time Martin lol. U are right, in a general way waiting times are fair enough , however, discrepancies in reviewing time are not helping us to work efficiently and in optimizing our time, so to speak . Besides, u are right , there s no automatic system operating that’s humans who are working, which is good but on the other hand, fees are pretty high here and we can consider that maybe in exceptional cases, hiring an additional hand, would be a good idea and also showing some respect for efforts generated by authors, especially at a time when the number of authors is continuously growing gamely and that people depend on uploading very often … (when most of them do not run the marketplaces full time)

i think Shane that nowadays, uploading it all at the same time is a big mistake, unlike the account is the one of a team or the one of someone, who wants to get a great visibility in one time (we can see some illustrators do that , they upload or at least have 50 things approved at a time and they get greta exposure, that’s impossible to miss them … they are everywhere to be seen) but unless something like that happens, especially if u do not have time to cease for the marketplace all the time, u need to make sure that u have one item on as much a regular basis as possible and thus this is better to upload one by one some great things which will be approved (hopefully lol)

i really like this actor :wink:

There were some good & obvious points made on this thread, especially by Nico. But I am still wondering why can’t they hire at least 1 more reviewer per marketplace… I am 100% sure there should’t be a money problem. There are almost 6 million members. It seems that there are 13.300 authors here on graphicriver according to the top authors page. So, shouldn’t be something logical that 3 reviewers can’t review all the work that is submitted ? If you submit something on a thursday, you have to wait until monday or tuesday removing your timing and plans altogether just because it can take between 1 and 5 days. At least if we knew exactly when an item will be reviewed with a queue timer approximating how much time remains until your item is approved like the old review queues, yes… they were not perfect but sure there were more accurate than what we have now with a 5 days item in queue and it still says (New). Well is not new, is 5 days old isn’t it ?

Yes, good idea, l recently did 5 fathers day flyers, or sent them all in at once.

One got rejected, since it was a second try from a previously deleted one, (worth a shot, and no real surprise there) 2 got in, and 2 didn’t.

The 2 that got rejected were experimental, and were too simple to get through, but if l had submitted them one at a time, then l wouldn’t have wasted time with the second one?

But as Scott, said, if you are experienced enough, then it could still work?


sorry Shane but i thin that no matter what the experience u have , u can hardly make sure that u are completely free from rejections, even if u have good skills and pat much attention to the quality of your items … and i assume that’s due to the fact that there’s a artistic part in what we do which is thus rested to feelings and tastes more than on techniques …

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