Can Someone Build Best iOS App Using X Code.?

Hi everyone am new here in this community but am long time user of codecanyon, As all of my days am willing to say i do not see the best App for WordPress build with XCode, There is one App people download a lot include myself but the app does not provide the best features i have try to search from best trend to best match but with no luck. There is one app made by react native but that too is complicated and its so slow on low memory iOS devices.

So am surprised, with all of you best developer out there why i do not find the best app with best features like firebase, push notification deep link and more. The app which is now on trendy its so normal like 2000 normal it still use json api more than using Rest Api so please can you all dev out there start getting busy because if someone build the best app am sure they will broke a record here in codecanyon

Hi, I’m skilled enough with Xamarin.FORMS. The input is the awesome .NET C# syntax and as output you’ll receive clean and fast native iOS and Android apps.

So, you need an app that runs on wordpress API to handle/work/read wordpress blogs? Sounds really easy - even with firebase, push notifications etc.

Just let me know what you expect.

Yes bro can we talk…?