Can somebody guide me why two of my template kits have been hard rejected?

Hello can someone please help me? I uploaded my first design but it was hard rejected in Feb 23. Then I worked on another one for 2 months perfecting it out but sadly it was rejected again. The second one really demotivated me a lot. // It would be of great help. TIA

First one is way off with the design basics throughout needing a lot of work and is probably better to leave.

The second is much better and just needs more features, functionality, pages, etc. that step up the premium value it offers


Thank you so much. Can you guide me if I can submit the second one again for reviewing by the envato team?

You can share demo links here pre submissions.

Think about ways to extend it e.g. (not a finite list) - light version alternative post types, categorising blogs (beyond what you have in blog 3), user case study, marketing landing page, etc.

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I’m fine with sharing here presubmission but the email said that I can not resubmit. Can we resubmit still?

You need to make significant change (almost like a new item) to be able to resubmit so more than just changing some colours etc.

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I see. If that’s the case, I am working on another one based on real estate listings. Let me complete that and share the demo link here pre-submission for guidance.

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