Can Shopkeeper theme be used on existing website?

I’m currently using a 10 years old WordPress theme. Can I simply activate this theme with some modifications?
Thank you!

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Hello @vettestripes

Yes you can install and use if theme support new WordPress version. You can also contact author for help

How to contact an author


You should use the most latest version for security and compatibility issues. Everyone should always keep up-to-date all themes and plugins.

Well, the theme is not supported anymore. There is no updated vestion for maybe 6-7 years.

In this case better migrate to another theme that is up-to-date and compatible with latest WordPress.

After so long and so many big updates to WordPress the theme will work (you will definitely need to update the version of WP etc.) but it’s not going to be as simple as just having to make some small amends.

Could you back up or clone the site and test the process.

If you’re looking for paid support ( I’m available by the way ) the theme can be updated manually for the latest version of WordPress but depending on the theme, the cost may vary

If it’s this theme Shopkeeper - A Hassle-Free Wordpress Theme for eCommerce and Beyond by getbowtied then there been several uodate as recently as last month.

Again, if you have no updated in 6 years then back up first, or else get someone like @ki-themes to help you.

@charlie4282 I think it’s not the same theme. @getbowtied updated the item recently ( a month ago )

WordPress or the theme? Not sure if I understand the question.

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You can. Update it, etc.