Can sell designs made in webflow on "ThemeForest"?

Hello! Can sell designs made in webflow on “ThemeForest”?

As long as they are original work then yes

In what sense is the original work? And can sell to other sections. For examples in marketing -> landing page?

Any Webflow files will end up in the category linked above irrelevant of the type of site it is.

By original I mean you need to be writing the code etc. included in it - simply using pre-built blocks and features in the platform to make a different layout won’t be enough.

Excuse me. I use a text translator and did not understand anything. Just say YES or NO.

  1. I can sell templates made in webflow on “ThemeForest”?
  2. Can sell to other sections except webflow?
  1. Yes
  2. No

To be approved you have to create documentation to go with your file in English so you may need to find someone to work with if you rely on translation tools.

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