Can not see my purchases and invoices


I bought several themes and support, and yet I do not see any items purchased in my history and I see no invoices available after shopping …
Yet the transactions were properly conducted because I paid and downloaded my purchases …

Thank you for your help,

Hi, @masterconcept

It’s empty…

View mail?

I just tested a download of an update received for a theme before when I clicked on the link, I saw all my purchases and I could download but now it indicates that my purchases are empty …

envato help

I have traveled for help, but no solution found … looks like my purchases have been removed

I have not seen nothing like it in my practice with envato. very strange

@masterconcept Look at these articles

Do you have multiple accounts here? Are you sure you’re logged into the account that you made the purchases with? I see this account has no buyer badge attached to it, which means no purchases were made with this account.


Indeed the account that I made purchases is master-concept

Really sorry for the mistake

Then remove the expense of masterconcept, and ask them to change the account master-concept in masterconcept if there is a need for this. Have a good day @OsamaSayegh @masterconcept )