Can not import json layout in Layerswp

I meet a huge problem about Layerswp when I complete the child theme of Layerswp I export json file and make an preset layout for user choose like this and it fire error in ajax call Exceed 1000 variables

    add_filter( 'layers_preset_layouts', 'layers_child_presets', 0 );
    function layers_child_presets( $layers_preset_layouts ){
      $layers_child_presets[ 'home-1-preset-id' ] = array(
    		'title' 			=>	__( 'Home V1', 'layers-child' ),
        	'screenshot'		=>	get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/assets/preset-images/home_v1.png',
        	'screenshot_type'	=> 'png',
        	'json'				=>	'this is my json'

       return array_merge( $layers_child_presets, $layers_preset_layouts );