Can Not Be Re Submitted :( Hard Reject

My Template is Hard Rejected By Themeforest :confused: :frowning: … Any Help Guyz what wrong in My Template…
Help Needed…
Here is the demo link Demo

Any idea guyz ?
And if a convert this template to Wordpress then what’s it’s chances ?
Or how can i improve that…

can you please share reviewer message?

The design looks quite outdated and there is nothing interesting or original about the header, slider or the posts list. The template’s style reminds me of designs from 5 years ago, the text size is too small. Posts do not have featured images and it is the same post repeated. Logo has a style that does not fit with everything else. Box shadow around post looks “dirty”. Icons are squares, then circles, then outlined, just not consistent. I could go on and on…

Do NOT port this to WordPress. It is not ready yet at all, you would lose so much time and energy! HTML templates have lower design standards then WordPress and if you are not accepted within HTML category with flying colours and have awesome sales, do not even bother.

Design in Photoshop or your favourite design tool and compare your PSDs with what’s out there. Inspire yourself on awwwards and dribbble. Watch every new template and theme released on WordPress. Update your design feeling and skills by just giving yourself a year or two and design like crazy. You’ll get there! Good luck!

Their Defualt Hard Rejection Message every time :confused:

Thanks for your feedback. i am just making a new blog template and its also almost completed have a look please.
is this have any chance :frowning: Demo

Hey @scriptsbundle, thank you for asking me for more feedback.

It looks so much better, but I am baffled. First of all, there are many small issues, which would make the template not be accepted for sure:

  • inconsistent style (there are squared images, circled image, with box shadow, without shadow, with different shadow, with border, without border, icons have background image, then they don’t, then they’re outlined, text in tabs is uppercase, then lowercase, then uppercase again, post meta info is one style, then another style, line spacing has various heights, etc etc …)
  • wrong spelling all over the place, which make it seem very unprofessional
  • logo is in serif font and looks like from another site from 1999
  • spacing is inconsistent and every element could use some more breathing space

I feel like this is better, but I also am not sure if this style is still modern. It looks like this has been done 3-4 years ago. So not sure if that would get accepted once all the small issues (and there’s a lot of them) get sorted. But give it a try, it looks like it’s almost complete.

Good luck to you!

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