Can login to account but not market

I can log in to my Envato account, but the login does not work for the Market login. Every time I try to log in to any of the Markets, I get an error with a link that says to try logging in via my account. I can do that, but when I go back to the page, it shows me logged out. Why is my username and password not working on the Market pages?


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you.


you can try to login here:

after loggedin click the marketplace logo from leftside to go to that market with loggedin. If it dodn’t work then you can try with different browser with clear browser cache. otherwise follow @unlockdesign reply.


Hi @waterrat!

My team are keen to help you out with this issue but could use a little more context, please.

What is the URI where you found the issue (e.g. This will help us to reproduce your issue.

Could you please let us have an exact copy of any error code or error message you’ve received as text (or a screenshot if that is easier for you)? Text helps us find the source.

I’m sure it goes without saying but never include a password in a report of a login problem :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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Here is the example, step by step:

  1. I click a link in a marketing email:
  2. Even though the link says auto signin, I am not signed in, so I click “Sign In”
  3. A login box pops up (login01.png)
  4. I enter my username and password correctly, but get an error message directing me to try logging in via the Account link (login02.png) at
  5. When I click that link it automatically logs me in, but it only works for that page. If I try going back to the page I first visited, I am not logged in anymore and the whole process has to start over.
    For reference, I am using the latest Firefox and I have tried clearing the cache, resetting my password, everything.


Please try to login here one more time using defferent browser as like chrome:

after loggedin click the marketplace logo from leftside to go to your preferred market. Please don’t use back option/button to go any previous page.

Otherwise please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it for you.


That method works for both Chrome and Firefox, however it makes getting to a specific advertised special a lot more difficult. It would be nice if the login that is there on each page would actually just work. Otherwise, why is it there?

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if that work then I hope now it will work for you (?auto_signin=true). for testing you can check with any one browser but before testing please clear cache and cookie. hope all will go fine.


Apparently you did not read my whole response. I can only log in via the account page, then I have to manually navigate to another page and then search for the thing I wanted. Why? Why does the login not work on any page I visit?


Please open Help ticket and let them know details with the concern url. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it for you.