Can license be bought after product was used already?

What would happen if I found out that I accidentally used something from here without having bought a license. Would it be fine if I bought the license afterwards?

How would you be getting it without buying a license?

Lots of pieces can be found on youtube.

Basically, any use of envato items without a license either by buying the item or downloading it (officially from envato offers) breaches the rules.

Also Youtube video owners distributing items as is, is also in breach of the license as well

And if we are talking about actual footage then downloading that from a YouTube video breaches YouTube’s policies as well.

All in all it’s not allowed

Better late than never. All music sold on Audiojungle requires a license to be used in videos. So if you don’t have one and yet you used the copyrighted material, it’s not that you can get a license, but more that you have to.


Thank you for actually answering the question! So that means that the video would not have to be deleted but instead I buy the license and it’s fine. I was afraid that the video could be deleted even though I bought the license just because the upload date does not match the date of me buying the license.

If you do have a license, you are covered. No one will have your video deleted just because the dates don’t match. You’ll be in the clear, no worries!

Thanks a lot!

And thank you for trying to do the right thing by respecting the licensing agreements! :beers: :handshake: :vulcan_salute: