Can it be approved in GraphicRiver?

Hello there,
Please help me. I am waiting for your valuable feedback.

Hi Fazlul_Haque,

I think it will get approved, I’m only suspicious of the floating Strawberry, although I understood the concept :+1:

Just my insight, please wait more experienced members to comment.


hi forme u have a variety of issues to deal with, including major ones and thus this should logically be rejected (but we never know …). the fact of the matter is that u have contrast issues a bit, i would not go up to say that u are violating this basic design principle but rather than the thing can be improved about it and that fixing the concerned things would take your item to the next level. Indeed, this is mainly causing some texts not to be super readable and what is the point to have these texts if they are not … (both white and yellow texts are not springing out much, especially over a complex background). The second major point that was not mess with is spacing and to be honest for me the spacing is really far from satisfying to say the least at the stage. I identify that the main title and main font that u are using are not helping - it makes it more diffiuclt - but u need to find a solution and fix it unless your item is losing balance and visual harmony in the process, too. Still about harmony, the item, composed as such looks rather messy and eyes tend to get lost a bit in the midst of the reading process (it’s hard to find the information, in particular the main one). I do not feel that the “iconic texture” that u have in some area brings anything to the table but rather looks dissonant in my view. There is another big time trouble making thing issue , this is the that this is basically an ad for a cafe but the cafe name is lost in between elements from the header, is in very small size, does not have any space to “shine” (this is super choking there), while for branding matters , u are expected to give much attention, space, impact and so on to the cafe name. Look, people buying the item will look for their brand and / or logo to be identifiable, impactful , readable and remembered and here , well ,u have nothing like this. “Join us” looks rather like being here just to fill in a blank more than any other thing right now. Is this the right place for it? is it useful to have it indeed? or is that the right positing for it , are legitimate questions to ask. i am not sure how u have “spread” the white powder in some areas, but it looks a bit random like, mastering the spreading of it and the visual result would be welcome if u ask me