Can I withdraw my earned money to another card of another country?

Hi! My envato account is linked to Russia. Question: My mother is a Swedish citizen.

  1. Can I withdraw money to her card from the envato market?
  2. Can I transfer all my tracks to her envato market account?

Items cannot be transferred between accounts

It’s unlikely that someone else could withdraw your earnings because this would not match the ID on your account which presents various other issues

Is it possible to change the data in my profile to another person? (I want to change the details of my account’s tax information, and I want to enter my MOTHER there, she is a Swedish citizen)

You would need to ask envato on that - Envato Authors Help and Support

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Thank you for answering me… It is very important… Thanks

Excuse me. I realized that money will not be withdrawn to Russian banks. And the Payoneer system is not a Russian system, is it? Will payments come there?

Again, best to ask envato - there is so much happening and while there are announcements, support will be able to provide up to date and accurate answers

Thanks for the answer!