Can I withdraw from the Black Friday sale?

Can I withdraw from the Black Friday sale? I tried, and I don’t have any option to do so.

I did not get any sale today and my plugin is almost on the last page. I don’t think this Black Friday will be good for my sales.

I don’t think you could do it now. You can contact Envato support but by the time someone will take an action, it’d be probably over. You can still try.

I’m up until December 4th… I guess I’ll just wait.

And you might be right, now that I think of it. They already have the sales pages build and set up.

You can’t opt out now. However, even if you are listed on the last page, you are still discoverable. When people search, they won’t be going through the entire list of discounted items but will likely filter based on criteria and you will surface to the top on that list.

Also look at your analytics page to view the kind of traffic this is generating for you.

The sale has just started. So the usual goes I guess :point_right:t5: patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait etc. etc.

:blush: I’ll wait then.

I know it’s discoverable on search, I probably had higher hopes.