Can I watch for Replies to various Comment on Themes etc

Occasionally I will post a Comment on a Theme or Code in the form of a product sales question.

However some time later I cannot recall where I posted that question as I am waiting for a reply. Is there a way to view a list of all Comments I have posted to then check for Replies ?



you can use theme comments page (go to theme page then you will see Comments tab, click the comments tab) to post your pre-purchase or after purchase query. and use the commnets page to keep track your commnets and reply.


Thank you for the message,

However that is my question - How do I use the Comments Page to keep a track of any replies ? How do I know when someone had replied ?

you will get notifiecation by email just make sure you have checked necessary settings here:
Settings => Email Settings from your Dashboard Setttings page.

Ok thanks I will try that.