Can I use X theme on another domain after uninstalling from OLD domain?


Year ago I had installed GrimagTheme on my old domain (
Now, I wanna work with my new domain (
Can I uninstall GrimagTheme on this old domain, and use it on my new domain. After uninstalling on the OLD domain, will GrimagTheme work smoothly on new domain?

I think this is the right way – I can’t use GrimagTheme (64$) on my two pages at the same time:)?

As long as it is fully removed from site 1 then you can.

There may be registration issues (depends on the theme and plugin), if this occurs you need to speak to the author about setting it right

Could you do this? I want to do the same… unistall the theme in the old domain and put it in my new domain… Tell me if you did it. Thanks!!!

I want to know about it too… I have my purchased theme in my domain but i’m going to open a new domain… So… If i unistall the theme in my old domain… Could i put this theme in my new domain?

No, it isn’t fully removed from the site…also I have mistakenly removed from my download section…is there way to fetch it back? I am sure Envato remembers or must have documented my purchasing history…i am just getting mini heart-attack.

It’s not possible to remove items from your download section. Even if an item is removed it remains there just marked as no longer available.

If it is not in (assuming you are logged in) then you are in the wrong account.

It depends on the theme but if you registered the p/code when installing the theme then you will not be able to use it elsewhere until you have properly de-registered/removed it from the first installation

If you have the purchase code then you could try reaching out to the author but it would be them not Envato who might be able to help

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thanks for giving me mental satisfaction.