Can i use with my items licence?

Hi everyone!!
I have a q…
If i want to use with one of my tracks on my video in youtube or to sell one of my track to someone in the real life… how can i get the licences of my tracks?
It is posible?


As far as I know all sales have to go through the store. if the track is approved and is in the portfolio. on the other license to get. :gem:

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Yes but the question is if i want to use my tracks in my videos. How can i use the licences on youtube?
Where can i get the licences for myself?

You are still the full owner of your own music, it doesn’t need any license to upload them on Youtube. If you registered your music to Adrev you just need to whitelist your own channel so it won’t get any claims (cmiiw).

All my tracks on Adrev but when i open monetization to my video on youtube, i get a claims messege that said that licences track its of Adrev…

I didn’t use Adrev, but as far as I know you can whitelist any channel with Adrev.