Can I use Webpack bundler to create a JavaScript plugin?

I write a structured code (10+ files), e.g. one JS function per one file, instead of putting all the code (1000+ lines of code) inside one output file. I use Webpack bundler to join all the files into one minified output file.

The problem is that Envato Quality team requires to include uncompressed file along with minified version. But even uncompressed the webpack output file looks ugly and will be rejected by Quality Team. How to solve this issue?

Is it enough to include project source files with webpack configs into the Main ZIP file? If buyers want to make changes to the original code, they need to be experienced with Node.js+Webpack to be able to rebuild the output file.

Please help!

Upload the minified bundle, along with source files. Make sure to document not only your methods and classes in detail but also instructions on how to set up webpack to modify the code. Also make sure to specify in the file description that it was built with webpack on node.js, and list compatible browsers if there are any limitations.

Thank you for instructions! Actually plugin is written on JavaScript only. Webpack tool is written on Node.js and I use Webpack to join all my source JS files together into one minified file.

This file contains JS code only, and there is no dependecies on Node.js, Webpack or something else, so there is no limitations for browser compatibility.

People need to install Node.js + Webpack only if they want to change something in the plugin source code and rebuild minified file. I will include instructions about that on the plugin description page.

Should I leave any comment to Reviewer about that when I upload the plugin to codecanyon for review?

That’s not necessarily true. For example will your script support Internet Explorer 5 or is there a minimum version? Some scripts in general have browser requirements, and it’s necessary to inform customers of these.

As long as your item is documented in well enough detail you shouldn’t need to leave a comment unless you want to mention something yourself.