Can i use Visa Card?


Hey everyone!
I have a question about withdrawals!
I have opened a Visa Card account in a bank!..So can i withdraw (or deposit?!) to that Account?!

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i think you can purchase thorough paypal because paypal accepts debit and credit card


Aha thanks…Is Visa Card a kind of Credit account?!


You can use your visa card, if it is connected with your bank account. To deposit and withdraw.


for each country different is approach )


Hi Elemental_Co.
1.Is Visa Card a kind of Credit account?!
“Credit account”: I don’t know what are you mean? But firstly you should understand. Visa card is a Card, that providing by the Bank in your country (the bank you’re using). Visa card allows you to pay for lots of transactions in your country or on the internet.
Visa card has 2 types: Debit card and Credit card.
Debit card allows you to spend exactly the money you have in your bank account.
Credit allows you to spend a sum of money that banks limit (the amount of money bank allows you to borrow), then you have to pay the money into your account later.
2. I have opened a Visa Card account in a bank!..So can i withdraw (or deposit?!) to that Account?!
Yes you can.

  • For Desposite: Just go to your bank and make a deposit.
  • For Withdrawals: You can take it on any ATM machine in your country or at your bank.


Thank you very much GTMotion…Actually by saying withdraw or deposit,I meant my money on VH!(I did not know the right word!) :slight_smile:…I wanted to know if i can get my money from VH and deposit it to my Visa Card account!..Because when i use the paypal method im asked to provide an email!..And i was not asked to provide an email when opening this Visa card in bank!..


You need to create a PayPal account and verify your visa card with PayPal. After verifying your card you can make a deposit. For withdrawals you can make a withdraw to your PayPal account, after your money from Videohive into your PayPal account, you have to make a withdraw from PayPal to your bank.


You can make a Swift withdrawal directly to your bank account, minimum withdrawal is $500. No Visa card required!


Thank you guys!..You really helped so much! :slight_smile:


You can withdraw via PayPal if your country supported.


Thank you! :slight_smile: