Can I use two wordpress themes?

I have a site and I really like the homepage layout and features, but the subsequent pages don’t suit my business. I would ideally like to implement a different theme for the rest of the pages. Particularly with the desire for a woocommerce setup.

I was thinking I could setup another domain and hosting and have the main site link to the other site’s pages, but this will double my hosting costs and make management difficult.

Are child themes the solution? if so any setup suggestions.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions.

You can use multisite.
A simple search on google about it and you will find many more.

You will need two installs of WP to do this, the easiest way is multi-site install but it will still be annoyance as you will have 2 have two domains etc.

Your best bet (imho) is to get someone to create you a custom theme based on the two themes you like, you then only have one WP installation and only one theme to manage.

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