🤔 Can I use TWO exclusive account on Videohive?

  1. Can I use TWO exclusive account on Videohive?
  2. Can I use same payoneer account for both videohive account?

The reason for two account is: I want to sell Motion Graphics and Stock Footages on other account and don’t want to mix all these in one portfolio.

P.S: I looked at the old topics about it, but MAYBE there are new rules.

You have some extrasensory power! :grinning:
This is the latest post about multiple accounts:

In short:
Authors are not allowed to have more than two accounts - one exclusive, and one non-exclusive.

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If you have a reason for another exclusive account, you can contact support. As they say in the quote posted by secondfalseiteration, they do make exceptions.

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Thank you for the good information :pray: I will try :love_you_gesture:

It has always been a mystery to me why PhotoDune is separated from GraphicRiver, but Stoke Footages is not separated from Videohive :man_shrugging:

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I also think so. Stock footage and Ae or Premiere project is something different. And i think, customer know that.