can i use the template on multiple instances of my unique website with only 1 license ?


i wish to buy a wordpress template but i have a question about the number of instances i can use for 1 purchase.
when i will buy the AVADA template, do i have the right to use it for multiple instance for the same website ?
by example, i need to manage these instances :

it will be the same website, but on different subdomains by different time (backup, online, developpement).

so, do i need 3 licenses or 1 is enough ?

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If the sub domain is a separate WP install then you would need a new copy of the theme. A single license is valid only for a single installation/active/live site

i don’t understand when you say “A single license is valid only for a single installation/active/live site” and are not considered as “live site” even they work only at office (ip filter for sub domain access).
we won’t reinstall wordpress for .backup or .dev, it will be just some copies/duplicates of the unique “live one” (like you migrate it)
so, only one license is enough for this workflow (www + backup + dev or test) ?

in this case the end product is same mean single end product. So, single license should be fine. but please contact the author of the theme to know how they figure it.


Definitley worth talking to the author as the domain differences may well cause issues with registering to activate plugins etc.