can I use the same abstract background for multiple social media posts?

Hi! I download a pack of Electric Threads. It has 10 JPEGS. I wanted to create 10-12 different instagram posts with those backgrounds. Do I need to repetitively license that pack for every single post I design or just have one license for that one particular instagram account?

I have the same query for other packs too? can I use one licensed pack for multiple stories and posts on the same account?

This account is for selling a product.

Link to the pack:

hi as for i know - this would be good to check with good technicians such as @XioxGraphix, @mgscoder or @DesignSomething if i am correct - u cannot do this as this would basically mean that u sell something with some intellectual rights of someone else inside … still if i am not mistaken, this is possible though , but for this u need to buy the extended license , which is something that very few people can actually afford owing to the substantial prize of these licenses …

oh so if I had 10 JPEGS in that pack and I am using one of the images for three posts, I need to license them three times each? for each post, each story, each facebook poster? @XioxGraphix

Items on Elements all fall under the same license, however, how you can use them is specific to what the item is.

From my understanding, you can use the item in the exact same image multiple times without registering, if you change the image then you must register it. So if your three posts are identical, then you don’t need to register, if they are different, then you need to register.

I believe there is a register button next to the item on your downloads page. You don’t have to redownload anything, just click the Register button.

You can read up on the Elements license here:

For items on GraphicRiver, the licenses are different.

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hi this is not what i meant, i meant that as for i know it cannot be included in the file , as long as it can be reused by someone else who did not pay for it