Can I use still picture from Envato Elements video as album cover?

The Envato Elements subscription terms say the Envato Elements single license allows you to use an Item you download in personal or commercial Projects. If that is the case, am I correct in thinking that if I have a subscription to Envato Elements I can take a still image from a video downloaded as the backgrond, add my band logo and album name etc. and use it as an album cover on Spotify etc., given that the End Product is not the image but my album and my music, and I am using an Item form Envato Elements for an End Product rather than reselling the Item itself? I would be grateful if someone can advise as I cannot see any contact email for Envato Elements on their website!

Update: Just in case this is of help to others in the furtue, I managed to contact the Envato Elements team and they confirmed the Envato Elements subscription indeed allows the use as I hoped.

" Yes, you’re welcome to extract a frame from a stock video and use it as a background for your album cover. Please note that you must use the item to create an End Product that is larger in scope and different in nature than the original item, requiring an application of skill and effort."

And regarding use of a video for my YouTube music lyric video:

“Yes, this is allowed since the stock video is being used to enhance the overall experience and is not the primary value of the end product.”