Can I use someone else's mockup to showcase my work

I want to make a design to sell on graphicriver, am I allowed to use a mockup from someone else to show my work? For example if I make an envelope graphic design can I use someones envelope mock up to show it on? Or if I design a brand, can I use someone else’s brand mockup to showcase it on my sale page? Thanks!

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This will provide you with some help:

In other words if you buy the regular license then you can only use someone else’s mockup to display your artwork on your sale page, this mockup can’t be included in the download as part of the file being sold unless you buy the extended license.

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Ok so I can use it as long as it’s for the ad and not in the product.

That’s correct :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Depends on the license, if it asks to credit then you can use the assets and credit the creator in your product page at the bottom.