Can I use single Site Template on multiple sub domains under one domain?

If I have a domain example: and I want to create multiple sub-domain under it… examples:,,, …

So can I use single site template on different multiple sub domains with single license?

Depends what the subdomain is for example of you had a theme and then so it’s clearly part of the main site then that’s ok but simply using sub domains for different sites is not allowed

No not sub domains for different sites…
Only under one domain. like,, and so on… these all would be my websites only not anyone’s else. then hope single license would work.

to give you more clarity… each sub-domains will be belonging to a hotel of a city… for booking purposes. all bookings will be done through my company.

I doubt that would work, especially if it is a theme/template that requires registration to activate any features. Each hotel is a different ‘site’ (regardless of it all booking through your site).

Your best option would be to ask support Envato Market Help and Support

Yes you can use it & most important of them all is that there are many dependencies like how and where you are going to use that single site template.

thanks for your replies… got a broad idea. i can use it under the single main domain. no matter how much the sub domains are created under it and applied with the same site template. thanks

I don’t think that is the case at all - each of your subdomains relates to a different business making it a different site and therefore requiring a new license.

I strongly suggest you check this with support esp, as if you are talking about a WP theme, then I can almost guarantee it won’t work.

No not WP Theme, I am talking about HTML Site Templates :

Yes, you can use. but definitely better to register the item for each subdomain mean for each subdomian download the item and register under each subdomian. because your sibdomian can represent different site content ir can be used for different purpose. from envato elements you can download any item as many time you would like to use for your purpose.