Can I use random photos from the web for Previewing my Editorial Template on GraphicRiver?

I want to sell my Magazine/Editorial layout Template and for a good preview I was thinking of using photos from e.g. instagram and linking back (credit) to the photos in the item’s description. Or do I have to buy certain photos to use them in the preview? What do you guys think? What is the pest practice on that manner? Thanks a ton in advance!

You have to have permission or license to use any photos or images irrelevant of crediting them.

The actual download of your item should use place holders rather than raw images and for the demo purposes you need to be using images which the author has given you express permission to include or stock images that provide commercial licensing


Ok, thanks for taking time to answer.

Is it principal to use photo only from Instagram? There are too many sites with the free images (CC BY license).
Here are some popular sites I recomend: