Can I use OceanWP as Parent Theme

I want to develop a theme for themeforest using OceanWP (a free theme) as a parent theme which is perfect with Elementor plugins. Is it allowed to use OceanWP theme as parent theme for my WordPress theme on themeforest?

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Just my personal opinion it will not be acceptable because you can’t use a free theme as your parent theme for selling on themeforest wordpress category. For selling on themeforest you have to make a theme from the scratch. You have to use your own coding, premium aesthetics design and functionality.


@mgscoder Thanks for your reply. Layerswp is also being used as parent theme to sell child wordpress themes on themeforest and Layerswp is also free theme or am I wrong ?

just I share my personal opinion rest thing you can try. Just I think will not be acceptable.

Sorry i think it is not allowed.

@Template-Geek may be @kailoon can reply on it