Can i use multiple account on envato?

  1. Can i use multiple account on envato? if i want to use 4/5 accounts in envato then it’s possible ? can i get right trams ? Please help me.

  2. And if one question is possible then can i use same paypal or payoneer account into all accounts for get payment?

  1. Yes but different emails and usernames. Why do you need so many, just curious? :open_mouth:
  2. Yes.

Thanks for quickly reply :slight_smile:
don’t need, many just need to know right trams.

Because i have seen some people using more accounts.

Keep in mind that if you’re going exclusive, then it will take you five times as long for your commission rate to increase (your cut increases by approximately 1% every time you sell $3,750), so it’s best to keep to as few accounts as possible.

Not forgetting the Elite action. If you’ve made $70K on each of your five accounts, then even though you’ve sold $280K worth of stuff, you still wouldn’t be Elite… and you’d be getting around 68% of the item price rather than around 70%! If you had just the one account, then you’d be getting around 70%, have a shiny Elite badge, Google Analytics enabled, a free year of Tuts+, an Elite care pack (including a reasonable imitation of Marmite), an optimised product description for one of your items, optimised graphics for one of your items, and an infographic for one of your items.

You’d also be over half way to getting an explainer video and an even fancier care package. I’m not sure what that one contains, but you’ll have probably run out of Vegemite by then, so you’ll need a top-up.