Can i use image of pexels, unsplas, or etc to be graphic assets in my fyler ?

I already made a flyer design, but I took all the assets from the Pexel site, unsplash, is that ok? (including background assets, items etc.) btw, my flyer is hard rejected, I think it’s because it uses assets from Pexel, where do you get the assets from?

this my flyer. ( all assets from pexel )

You can use these in the demo but you cannot include them in the download and to take them out will leave you with very little which is definitely a cause for rejection.

There’s also issues with typography and the turkeys look very forced


Where can I get assets that I can include in the download? . did you make the assets yourself? like taking a selfie etc


You would need to create them yourself and to the relevant quality standard. Pretty much no stock type marketplace offers assets which can be redistributed as part of commercial items

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