Can i use HTML code In single wordpress page and make it any tools?

hello, every on, I want to create an SEO tools website, so I want to provide different pages and different tools. It is Possible or please guite me another way?

thank you

Are you referring to use “HTML” templates to be used on “WordPress”?
Is it for personal use or are you planning to sell it?

I want to create a free tool website, like a small SEO tool and I want to provide different tools on different pages.

It depends how and where you are getting the tools themselves.

Presumably based on this question you are not planning on building them yourself?

Once you have the tools or scripts then you can use any theme to create a series of landing pages for the individual tools.

I tried posting widgets within posts in the past. I ended up needing assistance from a more experienced coder. It is doable but it isn’t an easy sailing as things clash with WP functions and other plugins. You can always try and see, especially if the site is fairly new.