Can I use GraphicRiver vector graphics from Powerpoint Presentations in a website?

If I buy a powerpoint presentation with a regular license, can I use a couple of the graphics from within the slides on a website?

If I buy any graphic from GraphicRiver, can I freely use this on my website in a blog post?

I read the license and it did not specify on this topic.

When purchasing graphics, yes you can use it on your website in a blog post. The license specifies that it can be used in a single end product, and in your case, the end product is your website, so you can use the graphic as many times as you want within your own website. However, let’s say you wanted to create another website and use the same graphic, in that case, you’d need to purchase another license.

As for using graphics provided in a powerpoint template, I’m not sure. I would assume it would fall under the same usage as what I mentioned above, but you might want to contact Envato Support to get a clear definitive answer.

Worth mentioning - if you mean graphics as in the photos you see in the demo - these are almost certainly not included in the download that you buy and only used for the demo itself