Can I use elements envato like this?

Hi, I wondering if I can use for example icons or backgrounds from Elements Envato, use them in my social media templates and sold the templates to the clients?

Is that what licence allow me to do? I see that I can’t redistribute items from Elements, that’s clear and fair, but what if I use this only as a part of my project (like icons or pictures in wordpress theme I’ll build)?

Well the primary purpose of services like this is to help designers save time on their projects, such as icons and backgrounds, so it wouldn’t really make sense for you to buy a bunch of this stuff if you’re not allowed to use it anywhere, right?

In short, yes, you can use them in your client projects.

What Xiox said… but just to clarify, you can do this if you’re creating content for clients that have hired you to create these items. You can’t use the Elements items to make templates that are then going to be sold on stock sites.

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