can I use cornerstone on 2 domains

I want to use a second domain for my mobile web site which will be a clone of my desktop web site with some graphics changes.
I need to do this because my desktop web site uses MP4 in background and mobiles do not handle this so I want to copy the site and change the mp4s into a simple slider.
So will I need a complete new x theme/cornerstone to do this??

Yes, a different domain is a different license.
You can always create a " Mobile Theme " for the web site and mobile users will be redirected to that, so no extar stuff required

how can i have different graphics on a mobile site?
As explained above

You can use media queries or wp_is_mobile() wordpress function.
Depends on what you want to do and how are your skills. Always can help if you want further and do not know how!:slight_smile:

yes please guide me moreā€¦
I suspect the wp_is_mobile() is the easy part but I am up for the challenge!

Please check out the WordPress codex and if need more help, I can help yes! :slight_smile: