Can I use Codestar framework previous free version in wordpress theme?

I am making a wordpress theme for themeforest. But one thing going in my mind that, can i use previous version of codestar framework which was free. any suggestion please…

Isn’t there still a free version of that framework?

If you specifically mean an old version which was different but still free then I doubt it would be allowed or a very good idea to use out dated versions which will have been modified and updated by the author for a reason.


Yes, you can use previous version of codestar framework as free. But we will remove previous version after few months. Move to new version :slight_smile:

Also you can use free version of the new framework. As you know:

Free version offers only Admin Option Framework.
Premium vesion offers Admin Option Framework, Metabox Option Framework, Customize Option Framework, Taxonomy Option Framework and Shortcode Generator Framework.

Details: Website | CodeCanyon Item

@charlie4282 Thanks for response, i get happy :slight_smile:

Have a nice day guys,
Regards, Codestar

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