Can I use celebrity images in previews if they are not as distinctive?

Hello guys and girls I am about to upload my script to CodeCayon and have it reviewed, but I have a doubt, in my vertical banner that I will place in the HTML description, certain famous people appear in the recommended videos of the platform that I am trying to upload Although they can’t appreciate their faces a lot since they are pixelated by the resolution. Can I do this or will it be a reason for rejection?

You cannot use photos of famous people in items or previews.

It may seem silly but I would like to avoid any inconvenience with the review, I leave the example so that you can see how it looks, I appreciate your help.

Note: this is just a sample of different devices, not the full banner.

Surely it would be easier to just remove these and use different images to prevent any risk?

I would be more concerned with how much this looks overly inspired / ripped from YouTube


Yes, I think I’d better choose to censor their faces so I avoid any problems. As for whether it looks a lot like YouTube or not, I hope this is no reason for rejection as there are several scripts for sale on CodeCanyon similar to YouTube and with questionable quality.

I appreciate your response charlie4282, your help is always welcome.

No, you cannot use celebrity images in previews due to copyright issues.