Can I use BREAKING NEWS video for youtube video


Can I use BREAKING NEWS video template for the youtube video channel, plase inform me.

if you are going to buy it, then why not - use it for Youtube channel.

I make a weekly lession on youtube for free. Can I use a Item
Earth Map Sapphire Background
for may channel?
What kind of license I need?

Hi, Fushsauge,
You can buy Earth Map Sapphire Background with Video Media (Single Use) license for your YouTube channel, thanks for your interest to our portfolio!

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RGBA Design Team

weekly output from my lessions?
I plan to use 1-3 years.

I understood correctly - Single Use

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today I bought a license for video
I have a problem - the motion of the video turned out to be very fast.
If I change the speed - in this form I can not use it - the video jumps.

The question is - can you offer a video lowering the speed to 20%?

Best regards

Thanks so much for your purchase!
I’ve edited video clip according to your needs and sent you the link for downloading!

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