Can I use a trial version of some plug-in in my project?

The plugin is fully functional for 30 days.

Yes or no ? :slight_smile:


Free versions of plugins (that don;t restrict the functionality of a theme) might be ok but one which is only going to work for a limited period of time before buyers are forced to purchase the full version will not be allowed

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I think it’s something different, the category of this post is Videohive/After Effects, so I think that YarkoTV is asking about After Effects plugins. :hugs:


Fair point and good spot!

I am pretty sure something which is going to require more purchases to use it in the future is unlikely to be allowed in any category ( I know very little about video though!)

But how is it? I can sell projects that require third party plugins (e.g. Requires Plugins : Trapcode Particular). But I can not sell the project, which includes the same plug-ins but with a limited term?

If you use a trial After Effects plugin in a template, the user can use the non-trial plugin too. The trial is installed at your computer. The problem is that most of the trial plugins have watermarks, and your preview will have an unattractive and unprofessional watermark of this plugin. And if you cannot afford the cost of this plugin, why the client can?